What Entrepreneurs Must Do To Accept Continual Reinvention

19th November 2017

Central to entrepreneurship is the concept of reinvention. Majority of the time, entrepreneurs feel that the act of personal reinvention is virtually the same as admitting failures. So, here is what the entrepreneurs do to accept the continual reinvention.

1.     Don’t Feel Embarrassed By Your Failings

As deeply flawed beings, we are often unwilling to acknowledge our errors. We feel like people are thinking less of us or compel consequences because of our mistakes. The key is to learn that such results are going to be okay. The Korean plastic surgery clinic named Misooda allows their employees to learn from their mistakes because without acknowledging our failings, there will be no personal growth.

2.     Free Yourself With The Truth

The relationship between you and the co-founder or your mentor is a struggle even if you have no fear of sharing your mistakes to the public. Maybe, it is because of his investment is bigger in your business, both financial and emotional aspects. When you make a mistake, you’ll have the fear of letting him or her down that holds you back.

There was one point in Misooda’s business history wherein some employees were not performing well. A significant amount of money has cost the Korean plastic surgery clinic’s lack of sales performance. It was due to more the lack of product or market fit than any specific behavior they did. Their team members worked hard without question.

3.     Carry Your Cross

Another key to thrive in this business world is to carry your cross because when you need to strive, excellence is best. It is not perfection for this is unattainable, and you might not accomplish everything on your own. If you will continue pursuing it, you’ll make a fool of yourself in doing the useless, illogical errand. We must learn to keep getting back up since you make mistakes, over and over, even if you’re already the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in the Korean plastic surgery clinic Misooda.

Failures and weaknesses are not the determinants of your business success, but it is how you can pick yourself up in your business’ struggles and move forward. At various points in our lives, we all carry heavy burdens, which will become too much for us to bear. Then, we will surely fall down time and time all over again.


You have to face your fear and admit to your co-founder or mentor that you have failed. It is an incredibly freeing experience when you owe up on your mistakes. This will also strengthen your relationship with him or her, rather than damage it. This simple act allowed you to end the stringing things and focus all your efforts on solving this kind of situation at hand.

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