Intelligent Ways Small Businesses Compete With Big Companies On Holiday Season

7th January 2018

Every year we usually hear about the holiday growth of industry titans such as Amazon and Walmart and how many billions of dollars will convey through them during the season. Even if small businesses cannot compete on the scale of big companies, here are the intelligent ways small business owners can do to ensure a happy and profitable holiday season.

1.     Invest in Training and Keep Service Standards High

You must invest in training your team and keep your service standards, as well as your products, high. Most of the time, the customers that had the time to get in their cars and drive to your retail outlet are the ones who are looking forward to buying products. They aren’t there in your store just to browse them. You must ensure that your stores are simply going to turn more inventory than the next guys.

Just like the Singaporean-based highly trained company called Proximacy, they offer high-standard social media services such as Facebook marketing. They ensure that their social media marketing strategies are affordable and effective for you, not jeopardizing the quality. They also create excitement through engagement in any social media marketing campaign you needed. Once engagement and attraction have been done to your website, you can just sit back, relax, and reap the lead generation.

2.     Offer Something You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Usually, the holiday season begins in fall and goes through Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Proximacy sometimes called this as the Holiday Alley, and companies love it for two reasons. The first one is because the cash flow of their company is very healthy. Another motive would be the time to be creative and they can offer their customers the unique high-quality products and affordable services they cannot get anywhere else.

3.     Consider the Benefit of Value Adds

Proximacy knows that they cannot offer some of the rock-bottom prices that big-box retailers do. So, they don’t even try for it might make them lose profits and gains. Instead, they offer value-adds with many packages suitable to their customers need.  For example, their company sells uniquely written content with beautiful graphic design and articles to attract the right crowd with the intention to engage. This content may be the same as many retailers do, but theirs are custom and customers can personalize it like with a name of their friend or family member.


Proximacy knows that they cannot compete with Amazon’s prices, as well as Walmart. But nothing can beat a great experience focusing on their community and their customer’s experience. You just keep an eye on your cost and think of witty ways where you can bring more revenue during this time of holiday season where the majority of the shoppers are ready to buy your products and services.

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