How to leverage on your contacts and networks as an entrepreneur

15th January 2017

Successful entrepreneurs don’t just become overnight sensations, there are certain cultures or motivating factors that has seen them survive through the thick and thin of business. Here are the top five secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs;

They understand what motivates them

For most entrepreneurs, the main motivating factor often starts with their first or biggest losses or gain. For some, it may be the first time they are laid off from work, and for others, it may be the tragedy of losing their first investment to uncertainties. Successful entrepreneurs always learn from a major loss or gain and that is how they are able to build resilient spirit against all odds.

They pursue entrepreneurship parts that align with their passion, skills, and interests. Successful entrepreneurs have been able to thrive especially when their business success are in tune with their skills, interests and hobbies. As an entrepreneur, you must choose a business that will leverage on your existing skills and interests; this will definitely give you the much needed edge.

They have self-control over business and personal expenses

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must exercise self-control over how much you spend on your business and your personal expenses. Most successful entrepreneurs will take the first pain by doing their best to pay off their debts first, and then invest a substantial amount of their profits back into their businesses.  They are able to shore up some emergency funds, and then focus on building their businesses without putting extra financial strains or burden on themselves.

They always sought after like-minded people

One of the main strengths of successful entrepreneurs is that they always build a network of friendship around people who share the same interest. Whether such individuals are found on online communities such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn, they always find it easier to connect with them instead of looking for competitors. Successful entrepreneurs do not hesitate to embrace like-minded and even make hem their mentors and friends. Like-minded individuals have a whole lot to teach you, hence you must avoid looking for competitors and main rivals, rather you should lookout for friends, and mentors who share your entrepreneurship ideas.

They don’t exercise shame when they promote their brands

Successful entrepreneurs do not exhibit shame when they market and promote their businesses, they are willing to combine modern promotional methods with traditional or grass-root marketing strategies to promote their businesses. Aside from the usual social network marketing strategies, successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to go from door to door to tell people about their products and services- the main motivation between this is that, if the business can be successful within the neighbourhood, then it will be easier to tell the outside world.

As an aspiring entrepreneur or young entrepreneur, do not ignore some old traditional way of promotion, they work better than some modern promotional techniques, especially when the competition online is getting tougher.

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