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14th March 2017

Private Driving Instructors in Singapore is a dying breed and the reason behind this is due to the Singapore government. There used to be a time when there was only one driving school and that was the Bukit Batok Driving Centre. It was the only driving school in Singapore. However, this school was supplemented by a majority of private instructors. These instructors had the liberty to teach students and collect a certain fee from the students. In order to be competitive, many of these instructors would be stationed near MRTs or driving schools for the ease of access for students.

Fast forward to 2017 and now you see a dying breed of private driving lessons being offered in Singapore. The traffic police has since ceased handing out private driving instructor licenses to individuals to teach driving and have enforced majority of students to learn from the schools instead. Although the schools provide some sort of structure for the facilitation of learning driving and riding. Its methods can be often strict and prevent students from taking the next lesson unless they have completed all the requisites needed for the lesson.

On the other hand, private driving instructors tend to be more lenient with their  lesson structure and they will offer students more leeway. Holding the fact that the student can still practice what they are weak at during future lessons.

Private driving lessons tend to be about 30% cheaper compared to their counterparts. this is due to all the administrative charges as well as GST that the customer have to absorb in order to take at the centres. Driving schools are afterall present in order to earn a profit and they only way they can do so is through the students.

If you want to have the instructor with you throughout your journey to become a qualified driver, going private with your driving instructor is still one of the best ways to go. The instructor will be able to gauge your performance and thus recommend you at the right time to take your traffic police test. Although driving schools can do the same and provide you with the same instructor, you have to stick to his strict schedule which means you do not really have the luxury of choosing the lesson timings and days to learn.

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The lenient method of private instructors are still the favourite among Singaporeans because of the price as well as flexibility compared to driving schools. Many students also feedback that they spend much lesser money with private instructors than the incumbent schools.

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