Strategies To Stand Your Chance of Success in Business Marketing

11th December 2017

What makes a business risky is either launching a new product in a new market or trying an untried and untested service in an established sector. A bold approach to marketing might be your only chance. So, here are the strategies to stand your chance of success in the business marketing industry.

1.     The Partnership Strategy

You must create the partnership strategy like what the curtain and blinds supplier and maker in Singapore, Estil Furnishing, decided to do, which is entering the market. They came up with the idea of promoting its own products with their high-quality imported materials. They were able to get links with an insurance company that will provide them a discount to their clients who used their products and services in shading systems.

Estil Furnishing persuaded them of a product policy with a discount for their clients. They positioned the policy as an innovative business recruitment and marketing tool. They ensure them of many other benefits that came along the policy, such as a wider range of high-tech, yet user-friendly, and trouble-free shading solutions. They also offer better efficiencies and financial benefits.

2.     The Pro Bono Strategy

Another question that pops into the businessmen’s mind is how to get brand interested in segmenting prize promotions and paying someone else to do them. The best attainable solution is to offer to do it for free. This is called the pro bono strategy since it can take away the pain of an untried service.

Estil Furnishing also did this kind of strategy to make certain there will be a successful marketing career using their own unique in-house brand of hardware. They offered their clients or customers the first winner selection for free and over-serviced them later on. They also gave lots of TLC (tender loving care) and professionalism in their services and a certificate of verification to show that everything in the business process is legitimate.

3.     The Package Strategy

When you mainly use networking meetings, your website, and referrals to market your services, it is still not certain whether it will do better in terms of business. So, another best way is the package strategy, wherein one must create various packages of their services and email all clients in the contact list.

Estil Furnishing didn’t need to email everyone individually with a personal comment since it will run out their time. So, they decided to blog daily about the various packages offered and got positive responses from their existing clients. They established a good rapport with them since those clients love packages giving an opportunity to get cheaper services. They continued to incorporate packages in a way that works for the company and their clients.


These strategies worked, and today, the company’s strong team of project managers, designers, furniture workers, and IT specialists works for hundreds of clients in Singapore, Europe, the UK, and beyond. To have many experiences in the furnishings industry can definitely raise awareness as to what is possible for the company.

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